Client: Johnson & Johnson Product: Intranet Date: 2009 Studio: Reinolla Producer: Geoff Reinhard IA, UX and Creative Direction: Jay Miolla

Description: The Johnson & Johnson brand is an extremely valuable asset that the company works hard to foster and protect. With more than 250 operating companies in 57 countries, the Trademark Guidelines Resource Center was developed to ensure that all new products and businesses adhere to corporate trademark policies. The site, designed in the brands signature red and white palette, features the Trustmark “decision” Tool, which generates specific logo usage, based on questions and answers submitted into this decision matrix. Project included the naming and logo design for the Trustmark Tool.

  • 01_JNJ_Trustmark
  • 02_JNJ_Trustmark
  • 03_JNJ_Trustmark
  • 04_JNJ_Trustmark