Client: The City of New York Product: Identity Date: 2002 Studio: Medium: Print, Outdoor, Non Traditional Role: Development and Production Produced by Geoff Reinhard for

Description: Over the years we’ve produced a range of projects for the City of New York. This includes communication design for the city’s DIAL 311 initiative and the MADE IN NY campaign for the Mayor’s Office of Film. A mix of media projects include logo design, print /outdoor, and even a custom hotdog cart for the city’s merchandising efforts.

  • 02_made_in_ny
  • 03_bus_shelter
  • 04_hat
  • 05_coffee_table_book
  • 06_award
  • 07_hot_dog_cart
  • 01_MOFTB
  • 08_311_logo
  • 09_311_can
  • 10_311_bumper
  • 11_311_subway
  • 13_MPAA
  • 12_MPAA_bus_shelter